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Cumulus is our super-premium wine, which is hand-crafted only in exceptional vintages and therefore limited release. The fruit is hand-picked from the very best parcels within our high elevation Orange estate. The wine is whole bunch pressed, fermented in barrels with natural yeast and matured in a combination of French and American Oak for 12 months.

The mature vines are deeply planted on ancient soils of 450 million years of age. The limestone base, present from the geological Ordovician era is overlaid by volcanic-derived basalt from the now dormant Mount Canobolas. This ancient combination of well-drained soils produces vines of unique strength and character.

Interestingly, the block where we grow the Cumulus Chardonnay is frequently struck by lightning more often that any other. We think it’s attracted by large mineral deposits in the basalt which would account for the intriguing minerality in the wine.

The name Cumulus, comes from the cotton-like cumulus clouds that crown the landscape of the vineyard. They remind us to always aspire to new heights of quality and sustainability.